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DIRECTIONS: There is not an address for the marina, oddly enough. Using a GPS (it’s best to use Google Maps) search for “Detroit Sails” or “Grayhaven State Harbor” (not to be confused with Grayhaven Marina which is NOT the right location). The marina is located at the very end of Maheras-Gentry Park at 12550 Avondale St, Detroit, MI 48215. Pull through the gate for parking.

-Arrive at the marina 15 minutes before your scheduled time of departure. Someone will open the gate for you. Just call 248-534-5554 or 313-806-1637, we will be keeping an eye out for you!

-Bring drinks, ice, food, etc.

-No drugs or firearms, no exceptions.

-Board the boat 5 minutes before departure.

-Sit back and enjoy your trip!

-Return to the dock, disembark safely, leave a raving review, and tell all your friends.


*All captains are fully vaccinated*

We don’t currently have any Covid restrictions. You may wear a mask, but it is not required. Do whatever makes you comfortable!

*No Swimming*

The Detroit River has an exceptionally strong current. We are not insured to allow people to swim, no matter how strong of a swimmer they may be.

*Cancellation policy*

Once a trip is booked, it cannot be cancelled. If weather prohibits the trip from going out, the trip can be rescheduled to any other open date, for no charge. Weather related cancellations are based on the call of the captain. We will try to go out every time, but if anything is putting the safety of the vessel and it’s passengers at risk, we will not depart.

*Keep It Classy*

This is not a booze-cruise. We ask that all guests respect the boat, the river, and other boaters. Stay cool, Detroit.


The wind and waves can tip the boat, but only you can tip the crew! It is customary to tip the captain/crew for a boating charter. Like any hospitality position, this is a large part of our salary.


-In the event of a mechanical failure prohibiting the safe operation of the vessel, a refund will be offered.

-These trips are all weather permitting, and if a trip is cut short because of weather, you are not entitled to a partial refund.

-Every passenger must sign a release form prior to departure. Refusal to sign the form does not result in a refund.

-There are life jackets aboard for everyone. If you want to wear a life jacket, you’re more than welcome to.

-Passengers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All guests must be at least 90lbs, as we do not have life jackets suitable for smaller children. It is not recommended that children who cannot be contained board the vessel.

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