OLOKUN is a totally restored 1974 C&C 27.5ft. She has been giving tours for the past three years with Detroit Sails. We have several different Licensed Captains to make available more trips for you. She is a DNR Inspected and Certified Vessel and has been sailing in the Great Lakes for her whole life.

Olokun is revered as one of the most commanding Orishas in Yoruba religion. She is androgynous Orisha that can take on any form. Olokun is the guardian of the deepest depths of the sea and the owner of the oceans and all the riches that they possess. The deep sea is OLOKUN’s kingdom and she resides there happily.

Captain Ann, Cameron and Kevin, Crew: Lucy and Simone

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When Olokun was purchased she was in great shape and sailed beautifully. She has had professional work done on her and is fine-tuned to be graceful with power. Her recently refinished wood work emphasizes her classic look and beauty.

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There’s plenty of room for guests on deck, but we wanted the cockpit to feel both classy and cozy. She has a bimini to provide shade in the cockpit and cushions for the seats.

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Captain Ann has been a boater her entire life. She has mastered both sailboats and power boats. Captain Ann has a 100 Tonnage Master Captain’s License for the Great Lakes and Inland Waters with an Auxiliary Sail Endorsement.


Dreamcathcer is an Island Packet 31 Cutter Rig with an overall length of 34’ and is a DNR Inspected and Certified Vessel. She was built in 1988 in Largo, FL. This boat is a very sturdy, sea-kindly boat with high quality finishes including teak throughout the interior and exterior. She has wide hips making her spacious and steady providing the utmost comfort while sailing. Her 4’ keel allows her to take you into to shallow areas close to shore while enjoying luxury on the water.

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Dreamcather was delivered straight from the factory to Lake Erie. She has been a fresh water boat her entire life. She spent 32 years in Lake Erie before being brought up to Detroit in 2020. She has since been on a 4 week voyage from Detroit, through Lake St. Clair, St. Clair River, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and back again. Check it out on her Instagram account @sv_dreamcatcher.

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The cockpit is very spacious with comfortable seating. The combings are high which provides both comfort and safety. There is a bimini for shade, cup holders for drinks, and a teak folding table.

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Captain Kristian has been sailing nearly his entire life. He has done sailing trips in the Great Lakes on Dreamcatcher and participates in the Bayview Port Huron to Mackinac sailing race every year. He has a 100 Tonnage Master Captain’s License for the Great Lakes and Inland Waters with an Auxiliary Sail Endorsement.


The Bertram 33 Flybridge Cruiser is a sweet ride! She is a very accommodating boat at 33’ in length and with a 12 1/2’ beam (width). She is a DNR Inspected and Certified Vessel, equipped with two 320 horsepower engines she moves through the water nicely. With ample seating in the cabin (which keeps you protected from sun and wind), stern platform, and flybridge (for the best views) you will be cruising in style and comfort.

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This Bertram was built in Miami, FL in 1983. It made its way to Michigan and into the possession of it’s proud new owner, Captain Shea.

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Captain and crew will do the work, you can sit back and relax.

The stern platform has seating to give you that unique feeling of being close to the water while cruising.

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So much seating! There is room for four guests up in the flybridge where you will have a wonderful vantage point to soak in the views.

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